hardhack call for workshops at FrOSCon

hardhack will be at FrOSCon http://www.froscon.org/ in Sankt Augustin, Germany on August 21 and 22, 2010, and will include hands-on hardware workshops and demos. Do you have a hardware-based workshop or demo and would like to be included in the FrOSCon hardhack demo area? Drop us a line by June 20th, 2010 to mail@hardhack.org with the following information:

* workshop/demo title
* workshop/demo description
* workshop/demo time requirement (please estimate as well as you can)
* your contact info: email, website, cellphone number
* approximate parts cost for participants (kits or other materials you will provide)
* required and suggested materials for participants to bring (examples: laptop, usb/serial adaptor, hackable stuff)
* any questions you may have

Travel costs may or may not be reimbursed, depending on need and the ability to secure sponsorship for hardhack workshops. Please include your needs in your submission. We look forward to hardware hacking with you!