hardhack schedule

the hardhack schedule is baked up in the easy bake circuit oven and hot off the presses.

you can sign up or un-sign up for workshops at hardhack.mixxt.org


==Thursday May 28th==  doors open at 11:00

Workshop 1: Hacking MIDI (wesen) 6 hrs start 13h – 20h with break

Workshop 2: RFID sniffer (marc boon) 3-4 Hours 13h – 17h

Workshop 7: Fritzing Part 1    4 hours 13h – 17h

Workshop 4: VGA basics (arjan) 3 hours min – 1 day max 18h – 21h (can go to 23h)

Demo 2: Laser Microphone (andrea+daniele) 2-3 hrs 20h – 23h

Workshop 9: Propellurino (christoph) 6 hrs 17h-23h

==Friday May 29th== doors open 10:00

Workshop 3: RFIDuino (marc boon) 3-4 Hours 11h-15h

Workshop 6: Interactive FPGA hacking using VHDL and Forth (hans) 3-4 hrs 11h – 15h

Workshop 8: Fritzing Part 2 4 hours 11h – 15h

Demo 1: bio-inspired sensor systems: POL compass (verena) 2-3 hrs 15h – 18h

Workshop 5: Power in Wearables (mikest) 3 hours 15h – 18h

Workshop 10: Build your own MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool (goodspeed) 3 hrs 15h – 18h

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  1. Josef Hasberg says:

    Workshop 2: RFID-Sniffer (Marc Boon) 3-4 Hours 13h – 17h

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