into hardware

i am so happy that all of you are as into hardware as i am! just a quick note to say i will start putting the workshops into a sort of a schedule later today. there are some workshops that can only be on friday and some that are over two days, so those can’t change days. i will slot the times loosely, but be sure to drop me a note after i post the schedule if there is a conflict for what you wanted to hack on.

for those of you who have the following, i highly recommend you bring them with you:
- a soldering iron
- wire strippers
- helping hands or circuit chip holder
- solder
- small screwdrivers
- other info that is in the individual workshop list for what you might need

there will be wifi (wlan) on site, courtesy of the c-base.

also, i’m looking for a couple of volunteers to help document the workshops with photos and notes and put them up in the hardhack blog. contact me if you want to help out with documentation: fbz att hardhack dott org

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