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omg omg omg! welcome to all you heise.de readers! thanks ragni for an awesome article about our little hands-on event! wow.

hardhack schedule for download

hardhack schedule day 1 (may 28th):


hardhack schedule day 2 (may 29th):


and here are both days as an ics file.

hardhack schedule

the hardhack schedule is baked up in the easy bake circuit oven and hot off the presses.

you can sign up or un-sign up for workshops at hardhack.mixxt.org


==Thursday May 28th==  doors open at 11:00

Workshop 1: Hacking MIDI (wesen) 6 hrs start 13h – 20h with break

Workshop 2: RFID sniffer (marc boon) 3-4 Hours 13h – 17h

Workshop 7: Fritzing Part 1    4 hours 13h – 17h

Workshop 4: VGA basics (arjan) 3 hours min – 1 day max 18h – 21h (can go to 23h)

Demo 2: Laser Microphone (andrea+daniele) 2-3 hrs 20h – 23h

Workshop 9: Propellurino (christoph) 6 hrs 17h-23h

==Friday May 29th== doors open 10:00

Workshop 3: RFIDuino (marc boon) 3-4 Hours 11h-15h

Workshop 6: Interactive FPGA hacking using VHDL and Forth (hans) 3-4 hrs 11h – 15h

Workshop 8: Fritzing Part 2 4 hours 11h – 15h

Demo 1: bio-inspired sensor systems: POL compass (verena) 2-3 hrs 15h – 18h

Workshop 5: Power in Wearables (mikest) 3 hours 15h – 18h

Workshop 10: Build your own MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool (goodspeed) 3 hrs 15h – 18h

into hardware

i am so happy that all of you are as into hardware as i am! just a quick note to say i will start putting the workshops into a sort of a schedule later today. there are some workshops that can only be on friday and some that are over two days, so those can’t change days. i will slot the times loosely, but be sure to drop me a note after i post the schedule if there is a conflict for what you wanted to hack on.

for those of you who have the following, i highly recommend you bring them with you:
- a soldering iron
- wire strippers
- helping hands or circuit chip holder
- solder
- small screwdrivers
- other info that is in the individual workshop list for what you might need

there will be wifi (wlan) on site, courtesy of the c-base.

also, i’m looking for a couple of volunteers to help document the workshops with photos and notes and put them up in the hardhack blog. contact me if you want to help out with documentation: fbz att hardhack dott org

workshop sign ups now online

some of the workshops and demos for hardhack 2009 are now online, so go sign-up:


more workshops and demos will go up soon!

hardhack has a confirmed location: c-base !

hardhack has a confirmed location! yes hardware kidz, hardhack will be at the c-base this year. the c-base, everyone’s favorite punk space station, is located at rungestrasse 20 (google map and on open street map). also don’t forget to sign up for hardhack!